Vocal Control

Learn to properly control your voice — master the foundations of singing.

Range & Repertoire

Hone your vocal range and learn which types of music should be added to your repitoire.

Breathing & Posture

The best sound comes from maintaining proper posture and learning breathing technique.

Performance Skills & Confidence

Learn to exude confidence while performing by building your skillset.

Stage & Mic Technique

Get the best sound during performances by learning proper microphone technique.

Audition / Performance Preparation

Gain knowledge to prepare for an audition process or upcoming performance.

Overcoming Stage Fright

Conquer stage fright and performance anxiety. Learn to confidently perform.

Enunciation & Projection (Public Speaking)

Build public speaking skills that improve enunciation and projection.

Vocal Coaching in Los Angeles for any level!

About Veronica

Veronica Puleo is a signer, songwriter, and performer in Los Angeles. As lead vocalist and Executive Director for The Replicas Music, she recognized the need to have a solid, sustainable singing technique to cover the range of music which her bands perform. Though she has been a performer/vocalist since age 7 and studying professionally for many years, Veronica’s passion and inspiration to teach truly began when she started learning from and working with esteemed coaches such as Mark Baxter (Vocal Therapist and Coach to the stars), Melissa Cross & Kathleen Riggs (Seth Riggs, founder of Speech Level Singing).

“After the many years of studying with amazing coaches, performing on various stages and different environments, I learned that there is a  best technique to stop bad habits in their tracks and I wanted to share this secret with aspiring and established vocalists alike. I ‘felt’ how effective it was to use my tools real time and to actually plug in those exercises into each song. Putting those exercises into practice and showing students how to navigate their vocal cords with this technique is invaluable. As a performer, I am able to fix and right my wrongs quickly. I’m able to sing all genres of music for 4+ hours (at Weddings, Corporate Events, or Bars) without straining. It is proof that there are a few correct techniques for all singers of all genres at any level. It has become my passion to teach these techniques along with coaching performance skills and how to BE on stage!”

Client Testimonials

Best of Lessons.com

I’m excited to announce that Vocal Coach Veronica has been named Best of Lessons.com in 2018!

Best of 2018


A Natural Teacher

“Driving home from our lesson today I kept thinking how grateful I am that we are working together. Veronica, you are amazing- you are guiding me to understanding my voice in ways I have never understood before. I feel so comfortable and safe in the studio with you. It’s erasing the doubt that I’ve always had about being a singer. And I can’t thank you enough for that. You’re a natural teacher.”

M. Allen

Big Band Vocalist

Overcame My Fear

“Working with Veronica helped me overcome years of fear and timidity with my voice!”

Brain Ward

Bass Player